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What is Sugaring?

We’re here to share all of the details and answer all of your questions about the process of sugaring.

We offer sugaring services that have been around for 5000 years, starting with the Queen herself, Cleopatra. Our sugaring paste is made from just 3 simple ingredients: sugar, lemon, and water – it's an all-natural and eco-friendly alternative of hair removal. Here’s the thing about hair removal: we ALL have hair we want to remove in places that are a little more private.

Sugaring helps with ingrown hairs due to the gentle exfoliation process that happens when removing the hair. Sugaring is more gentle because it only removes dead skin- yes please!- and hair. This means we are able to go over the same area of skin without high risk of lifting, bruising, burning or damaging the skin compared to hard wax. After your treatment we educate you on after-care products to take home to help keep your skin integrity healthy, smooth and bright. We recommend our ingrown hair or dark spot oil, sugar scrub and AHA/BHA roller chemical exfoliation serum by BushBalm (available in stores).

Say goodbye to painful, toxic, ingrown hairs and hot waxing treatments, and hello to the hygienic and effective world of sugaring. At The Sugar Loft, we specialize in sugaring hair removal. Our all-natural sugar paste is gentle on the skin and removes hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth and soft. Whether it's your first time trying sugaring or you're a regular, we're here to provide the best possible experience.

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